We have a new section on our website named Nashville Tree Service. On this page you can find someone to help you with all of your tree service needs. Tree Removal, Tree Preservation, Tree Pruning, and Stump Grinding. Contact us today to get your tree or trees worked on in the Nashville Tn Middle Tn area.

Nashville Tree Service


Nashville Sod

We have addressed several common questions regarding sod in the Nashville area. Our web site has two new pages relating to Sod in Middle Tn Nashville.

Questions Like:

How do I know if I am getting good sod?
What time of year should sod be planted?
Why is there a blend of  Fescues in my sod?

Please refer to these web pages on our sites for common questions answered.


We will answer any questions posted here about Nashville Sod or Middle Tn Sod problems, cures, and news.

Our home page is

We have created a page on our site to help people make a garden bed with perennials we know are successful  here in Nashville Tn. On our page we have a Spreadsheet of Perennials inlcuding Sun tolerance and photos with links. If you have a favorite perennial and would like it on the page please let us know.

Our home page is www.landscapenashville.com

The specific page is www.landscapenashville.com/perennial-flower-bed.html

We have added a new service called Mole Extermination. Over the years I have had many clients ask if we could do something about their mole problem. Our answer was always no. We have decided to offer this valued service to the people of Middle Tn Nashville. We will set up traps, kill moles, and remove our traps. We will are using spike traps that kill the mole while it walks through  the tunnel. No Poisons, and no grub killing chemicals. With poisons you risk further killing animals in the area when the mole gets eaten by other animals. And grubs are not the only thing moles eat so they may not leave if you treat your property for grubs. Our Home page is www.landscapenashville.com

Our page for moles is www.landscapenashville.com/mole-removal.html

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Our web site www.landscapenashville.com has a page for the Estate owner in the Nashville Middle Tn area. We provide a detailed, mainicured look for estates and large properties in our area. Please visit our page www.landscapenashville.com/estates.html if you have one of these large Estate type properties and need landscaping or gardening services in the Nashville Middle Tn area.
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On our web site www.landscapenashville.com we have a page about Landscaping Subdivision Entrances. This page includes several profile pictures of Subdivision Entrances and what is working in the landscaping. A Subdivision Entrance landscape should have balance, color, evergreens, grasses, and a pleasing flow. Evergreen backdrops provide a great frame for your signage. Well placed blooming and evergreen shrubs give balance and stability to the landscape. Your perennial grasses give a difference in texture and move with the wind, something is always happening when you have grasses. And lastly your annual color give pop to the signage and that head turning WoW! Please visit out page on Subdivision Entrance Landscaping here www.landscapenashville.com/entrances.html

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