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Corner Plants for your home

I have created a page chocked full of what to do with the corner of your home with plants. Evergreens, Floweing shrubs and small trees, and fragrant plants. You can use the corner of your home for a dramatic statement or a simple edge softener. Our page for Corner Plants is www.landscapenashville.com/corner-plants.html

Our home page is www.landscapenashville.com

We hope you get wonderful information you can use from our page on Corner Plants.

Thank you


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Green Landscaping Compost Seeding Landscaping Nashville

This is a great green landscaping idea for people who live in the Nashville area. In Nashville our soil is generally terrible. Limestone pieces usually litter the soil and where it is not lime it is usually clay and compacted at that. Well there is a cure — sort of. At least there is a prescription the Doctor has told me about. First Core Aerate, Core Aeration is when you punch holes in the soil by using a machine to dig up small plugs. Yes this process leaves your yard a mess with little mud pluggs all over the place. The purpose is to get oxygen and other airborn nutrients to the root zone and thatch area better of your grass plants. Ok the seccond reason to do this is so that when you seed ( we seed every year here ) your small grass seed will fall into the hole and be surrounded by a warm blanket of air and moisture that at the surface it may not have. Ground temperatures play a huge roll in helping the seed to germinate and establish properly. Well now you have made holes in the yard and your seed is all over as well now your going to get some Aged compost. Aged compost has aged to the point where it doesn’t heat up quickly anymore and it is great food for beneficial organisms as well as a mild fertilizer. Spread 1″ of aged compost all over the whole yard. The results are astounding.

Your seed germinates faster, grows healthier, and makes a beautiful yard. As long as you water and do the other appropriate things like mow when appropriate. A surprise  happens to the soil as well. These tiny little worms called nematodes will mix the compost and the clay together while producing a enzyme and other excretions that plants love. This is changing the composition of your soil slowly.

Check out more great information at our home page www.landscapenashville.com

The specific page for Compost Seeding is www.landsapenashville.com/compost-seed-middle-tn.html

Thank you and we hope you can use our ideas in your landscape. Better yet add some of your ideas to our blog.

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This is a great page for adding an upscale feel  to your landscape using columnar plants. Great colors and contrasts in texture change the overall feel. Check it my page is sure not to dissapoint if you love gardening and landscaping. Our home page is www.landscapenashville.com  and the specific page is www.landscapenashville.com/columnar-plants.html

I hope you enjoy and comment on any plants I may have missed.

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Pear Tree Nashville

This page is about Pears and Bradford pear trees. Beautiful in bloom a wonderful sight in Spring. Our home page is www.landscapenashville.com and the specific page is www.landscapenashville.com/pear-trees.html

I hope you enjoy.

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Brandywine Maple Tree Nashville

Our new Brandywine Maple page is a great page because there are very little pictures of this very special Maple. This Maple Tree has a specially long color change period which gives you a longer time to enjoy the Fall color. Brandywine Maples also don’t get a large as a typical Maple which make it more useful in the landscape where you cannot plant large trees or want a contrast in colors. www.landscapenashville.com is our home page and the specific page about  Brandywine Maples is www.landscapenashville.com/brandywine-maple.html

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We have a page called Nashville Boulders that will show you pictues of boulders, define a boulder, and let you know that we sell them in our jobs. Boulders in a landscape add a depth of character that nothing else can. A boulder to some is a big rock to others and on this page you will see that a boulder has a specific size definition. Visit our Boulders page here- www.landscapenashville.com/boulders.html

visit our home page here — http://www.landscapenashville.com

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